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We dissect your business process to pinpoint where we can maximize the potential of your business operation


Our proven implementation methodology ensures we set up Dynamics NAV the way you’ve envisioned it


We apply our expertise and get the job done so you get results and your business can grow the way it should!

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EDI Integration

  • Do you have customers requesting EDI?
  • Are you still entering EDI orders manually into your order processing system?
  • Do you maintain redundant software programs handling EDI?
  • Are you spending too much time formatting and printing labels?
  • Do you have a consultant hired specifically for EDI?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you’re spending too much time managing EDI. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an integrated turnkey approach in EDI. Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation will eliminate messy integration requirements and redundant software packages. Printing UCC-128 or barcode labels will be a snap with a click of a button. You will no longer need EDI consultants when you obtain new trading partners or make changes to existing trading partners. All you need is a communication software and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. That’s it, we promise!

Shipping Process Integration

  • Do you constantly have missing item in shipments?
  • Do you find it time consuming to find the content in a lost package?
  • Do you have EDI customers who request package level information for Advance Ship Notice (ASN)?
  • Are you spending too much time formatting and printing labels?
  • Do you find the need to go back and forth between your shipping software and your backend software to get tracking numbers?

One of the most time consuming processes is tracking down packages the customers claim they didn’t receive. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you will know the number of packages, the contents of each package, and the tracking number of each package. We integrate the shipping department into the order fulfillment process by allowing the user to use scanners to pack the order. You will no longer need to use the keyboard to type in item numbers, all they need is a scanner!

Imagine the time your employees will save by bring up all this information within one system. By tracking each individual package and pallet, you will also be able send EDI Advance Ship Notices to your EDI partners with ease. Why? Because all that data entry was done by the shipping department using a scanner!

Warehouse Management

  • Do you maintain a large and complex warehouse?
  • Do you find it difficult training new warehouse staff for order picking?
  • Have you ever lost track of a few pieces of inventory in your warehouse?
  • Is the quantity on hand figures in your current system unreliable?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a bin locator system allowing the warehouse manager to track inventory flow in real time. With an improved picking system, the order fillers will no longer need to wander aimlessly around the warehouse looking for items. The warehouse management system can provide the exact location of the item to ensure efficiency. In short, Microsoft Dynamics NAV will streamline your end-to-end order fulfillment process.

Project & Service Management

  • Do you find it difficult to tracking the cost and profit for each project?
  • Do you have problems finding the available resources?
  • Do you need a better way to keep track of your service staff?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV job management allows you to log every phase of your project, from associated tasks to the steps needed for you to properly budget and track cost. In conjunction with project management, Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s service management allows you to track your service technician on a dispatch board detailing where they are, the time they’re to arrive, and the length of time they’re scheduled to be there. This will allows you to effectively plan your resources as new projects come along.


  • Do you feel uncomfortable with the progress of your upgrade?
  • Do you feel that your upgrade is taking longer than anticipated?

Upgrades can be tough, but they don’t have to be. With the experienced programmers on our staff, upgrades can become a walk in the park. Not only have we successfully upgraded our own customers, but we’ve also taken over for other companies that have stalled on their upgrades. As the old saying goes, “Things are easier when you know what you’re doing.”

Rescue of Failed Implementations

  • Are your implementation costs skyrocketing?
  • Are you missing deadlines after deadlines?
  • Do you see no end in sight from your consultant expenses?
  • Have you purchased Microsoft Dynamics NAV more than 3 months ago, but still haven’t gone live yet?

We understand the stress caused by any implementations not going according to plan. Not only does it hinder your ability to properly manage your business, but the additional tasks in dealing with the implementation can cause stress on your staff. AP Commerce has helped numerous customers’ lives with their Microsoft Dynamics NAV software during the midpoint of their implementation.

Knowledge Transfer

  • Are your consultants hiding behind technical jargons in order to bill additional hours?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your software?

Not only are we more than happy to transfer our knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to you, we encourage it! Only knowledgeable users can fully unlock the potential and the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Because a knowledgeable user is a happy user, we’re more than happy to transfer all of our programming knowledge on to you. We do this so you may utilize Microsoft Dynamics NAV to its fullest. You’ve already paid for the software, and we believe that should come with a complete understanding of your purchase.

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