Breaking up with Ex-Girlfriend vs. Implementing Dynamics NAV

The Decision
It’s time.

He has been with you for a long time. In the beginning, he was great. He did everything you needed him to do and you gave him anything he wanted. In return, he gave you what you needed as well.

But now, things are becoming toxic. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you give him, he is just dragging you down, making you slow, and holding you back. What made you happy 5-10 years ago, is just not enough for you anymore. You’re looking for more, and it’s something more that he just cannot provide.

The New Relationship
The change is hard, but you know in order to grow, you need to change. It’s not just for you, it’s also for the people around you.

So you went for something new.

– He is smarter
– He works faster
– He looks better
– He makes you more efficient
– Any requests you throw at him, he will fulfill
– He will accomplish a lot more for a lot less

There will be a learning curve for you to get used to the way He moves, the way he looks, the routines you will try to figure out. There will be something that you don’t like, but you are willing to work with him on it. And he will change.

The Breakup
Anything new in your life requires some getting used to. Breaking up is hard. There are a lot of memories you’ve shared. Sometimes, those memories you’ve shared will come back.

– You missed the way he looks
– You missed the way he moves
– You missed having the routines you’re so used to with him every day

There are times where you’ll question yourself whether you’ve made the right decision. There are even times when you want to go back to him.

You’ll only want to remember the good things that he did for you and you will be willing to “forget” all the bad things he did. Painfully, sometimes you needed to be reminded how bad he was for you and your business.

Sure, you will miss what was there before, but we all need to move on. And we all know he’s not coming back. You’re with someone new now.

You needed to retire your old software and implement Dynamics NAV for your business in order for your business to grow.

I guess the similar concept described above can be said about your leaving your old significant other…

8 thoughts on “Breaking up with Ex-Girlfriend vs. Implementing Dynamics NAV

  1. Janice Walker says:

    I cannot believe that you allow this kind of sexist rubbish on your website. IT systems for boys only.

  2. Alex Chow says:

    I’m so sorry I offended you in anyway. That was not the intention of this post. I was just highlighting some emotions people go through when moving to Dynamics NAV from their old system. My apologies!

  3. vremeni4 says:

    This is really funny and it is spot on. 🙂
    Many clients, users, do not want to let go, e.g. the old classic client. They even want to start open source project to re-implement it. 🙂
    I guess this is because people do not like change.

  4. Ashley says:

    Some people just read too much into things. This was a great little read. The title caught my eye. It’s also spot on. Those were all my feelings when I broke up with Nav2010 and got Nav2015. 🙂

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