Fedex API to be Discontinued for E-Ship

In case you haven’t heard, Fedex will discontinue the use of their old API used by Lanham’s E-Ship module for Fedex Integration. The date that the old API will be discontinued will be May of 2012. While that’s still a couple of months out, it may be worthwhile to plan an upgrade of E-Ship so you can continue using the Fedex Ingration granule for Lanham without interruption when the time comes.

This is a long time coming. Fedex had already announced that they will discontinue the API a while ago. It has taken awhile for the folks at Lanham to develop the new interface to talk with Fedex.

The old Fedex API has it’s share of problems. The more notable one is that it does not support Windows 7. With new machines from Fedex shipped with Windows 7 pre-installed, I’m sure you’re IT department will be pretty happy about the update.

CORRECTION: The web service for E-Ship is NOT the NAV2009 Web services. It’s the Fedex Web Services. So this means that you can still use version 3.7A (the lowest version you have to be on) and still implement the Fedex Web Services. You WILL need to be current on the Lanham enhancement in order to use the Fedex Web Service. The version of E-Ship will need to be at least SE0.54.18.

This is yet another reason for end users to stay current on their enhancement. If you missed the “Sky’s the Limit” offer and you wish to continue shipping using Lanham’s Fedex integration, it’s time to plan for an alternative solution or get current on the enhancement by any means possible. Microsoft enhancement amnesty will end on June 30th, 2011.

You can register to see the new Fedex web services from the webinar hosted by Lanham here:
Thursday, June 23rd at 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST
Register Now!

2 thoughts on “Fedex API to be Discontinued for E-Ship

  1. David Singleton says:

    Thanks Alex, I didn’t know this. Coincidentally I have a customer on 5.00 with eShip and Fedex, and they are considering reasons to upgrade to 2009, and this could be the decider for them.

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