Interview I did with MSDynamicsWorld

Just a short post this month.

Wanted to share an interview I did with MSDynamicsWorld about Business Central and its customers. It’s 45 minutes in length. Hope it doesn’t put you to sleep!

2 thoughts on “Interview I did with MSDynamicsWorld

  1. Robert Jolliffe says:

    I liked your Podcast Alex. I had a few thoughts about your comments on how the fixed fee can lead to problems. My Podcast was the next one after yours – and I think it was somewhat of an answer to you (I’m not sure if you heard mine). We do a Fixed Fee but our approach is more of a white glove (somewhat higher price) than the others I’ve seen.

    If you ever want to exchange war stories I’d be happy to!

  2. Alex Chow says:

    Yes, you can make fixed fee implementations work. What I said during the podcast was not meant as an absolute, it just highlights what the motivations for each parties are.

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