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Survive and Thrive using Dynamics NAV in Any Economy

Hypothesis Companies that bought Dynamics NAV and make continuous improvements in the system are less likely to go out of business or sold off. Informal Research This was the conclusion I had while I was speaking with my fellow Dynamics NAV (Navision) partners. The question I asked was this: Have any of your customers, whoRead more

Thought Process on Receiving Defective Inventory in Dynamics NAV

Overview Receiving items from vendor can be a tricky thing. This question has come up quite a bit during implementation regarding defective inventory. I know a lot of companies has put a lot of modifications into receiving defective inventory, I’d like to propose an out of the box solution to receiving goods that have someRead more

The Best Business Practice

The Hype Often times when I go into an implementation, some clients will want to implement it based on the “best business practice”. The idea is that somehow using the “best business practice” will reduce their implementation cost. In reality, more often than not, enforcing “best business practice”, without proper analysis, ususally leads to goRead more

Magento and Dynamics NAV (Navision)

E-Commerce Magento is an unstoppable force. There are NAV e-commerce add-ons out there, however, the websites that are created, at least from what we’ve seen, looks very outdated and “old”. In addition, it’s hard to add features and customize the website to your liking. The end result is probably not the best foot you wantRead more

Switching to a New Dynamics NAV (Navision) Service Provider

The Disappointment… Frustrated by the long lead time? Mad at the frequent bugs received and being billed for it? Disappointed at the decisions you made based on bad advice received? Tired of not getting responses? Angry at the billing practices? Are you considering a switch to a new partner? I can understand the frustrations feltRead more

Fedex API to be Discontinued for E-Ship

In case you haven’t heard, Fedex will discontinue the use of their old API used by Lanham’s E-Ship module for Fedex Integration. The date that the old API will be discontinued will be May of 2012. While that’s still a couple of months out, it may be worthwhile to plan an upgrade of E-Ship so youRead more

Why You Should Not Turn On Expected Cost Posting for Navision

Overview The ERP software business is a very competitive business. If the software company does not devote a lot of their resources into research and development of the product, it becomes outdates very quickly. Therefore, when choosing to purchase an asset that is the lifeblood of your organization, it’s very important to not just considerRead more

Dynamics NAV (Navision) in the Cloud

With the introduction of the App-V technology for Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 (Navision 6.0), it really introduces the concept of putting Navision into the Cloud. In case you haven’t heard of App-V, you can download the white paper here describing it in detail: What is the Cloud? Simply put, Cloud is software applications thatRead more