Hardware Requirements for Dynamics NAV 2013 “NAV 7”

Looking through the hardware requirements for Dynamics NAV 2013, it looks like there are a couple of things the end user will need. More noteable, it looks like now the computer has to be running at least Windows 7 in order to use the NAV 2013 Windows client.

There are mixed feelings about this, while I do understand that Windows XP is no longer supported at Microsoft, I’d safe at least half of our customers that are using NAV are still using Windows XP. So if an upgrade is considered by the end user, they will have to budget for the OS as well.

Not to mention the new customers that are considering Dynamics NAV as their ERP of choice over the competitors. If XP is running okay, why am I going to spend another chunk of money on each computer?

Options Available
Fortunately, the era of desktop computing is dying. We actually have quite a few customers replacing the desktop computers with Thin Client boxes for each non-executive people in the office. What people basically do is RDP into a powerful server to do all of their data entry, report processing, e-mails, etc.

Let me say that these thin clients has dramatically lowered the IT cost of maintenance for each user in the company, not to mention virus infections, going to sites they’re not suppose to, etc. So the next time you’re planning to do a mass upgrade for all of the computers in your office, thin clients may be the better option. This is especially true in this case where the new ERP requires new technology.

Depending on how hard the community pushes back, maybe they’ll add XP compatibility probably as a service pack or something. I personally do not believe this is necessary, but I’m just one man.

Here’s a complete list of the requirements if you’re upgrading to Dynamics NAV 2013 or Navision 7.0.

3 thoughts on “Hardware Requirements for Dynamics NAV 2013 “NAV 7”

  1. Andrew Trayfoot says:

    I bumpted int othe same iussue a couple of weeks ago with our first upgrade customer.
    We have actually tested in on XP and it appers to install and work ok, although MS will not support it.

    I personnaly think this is an issue. As lots of people, including some very big companies, still run on XP and have no desire to upgrade.

    It could make the difference between between not going ahead and going ahead for both new sales of NAV and existing customer upgrading.


  2. Alex Chow says:

    Yes, this is why I brought up the thin client boxes for companies. Instead of getting a bunch of new desktops, just get these thin client boxes and a terminal server. The TOC (Total Cost of Ownership) for thin box/terminal server is a lot more cost effective than workstation for each employee.

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