The standard blocking functionality in Business Central allows you to define restrictions at the customer or vendor level or at the item level. However, this standard functionality may not be suitable for restricting certain items for specific customers. To address the limitations of the standard blocking mechanism, Item Restriction Management for Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to define item restrictions and specify which items can be bought or sold by customers or from specific vendors. 

Why restrict items for certain Customers or Vendors? 

  • Legal restrictions: Certain customers may not be allowed to purchase specific items due to unfulfilled legal requirements or missing forms. 
  • Trade agreements: Companies may have agreements with vendors not to sell their products to certain customers. 
  • Country restrictions: Certain products may be prohibited from being sold to specific countries due to government regulations. 
  • Internal Rules: Companies may have additional rules or restrictions regarding items for specific customers or vendors. 


For only $99 USD per company per month!

Easy Setup

If a customer places an order, the restriction check will be based on whatever fields are filled in. For example, considering the setup in the Customer Item Restriction matrix.

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