Discover the power of Progress Payments Invoicing within Dynamics 365 Business Central!

We’ve revolutionized the way you handle payments associated with project milestones and contract stages. You gain the freedom to set up payment schedules that suit your unique project requirements. No longer will you be constrained by rigid prepayment processes that force you into fixed percentages and inalterable transaction lines.

Our solution offers the flexibility you need to define the terms of each milestone payment. Tailor the percentage of completion necessary to trigger a payment, establish due dates that align with your project timelines, and determine the precise payment amount to be made.

No more grappling with unwieldy credit memos, invoice revisions, or manual Excel tracking. We’ve simplified the management of deposits made to vendors and prepayments received from customers, so you can focus on what matters most – delivering successful projects and growing your business.

Experience the freedom and precision of Progress Payments in Dynamics 365 Business Central, where payment management becomes an agile and streamlined process, tailored to your project’s unique demands.


For only $139 USD per company per month!

  • Transform how you handle project payments and contract stages within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Gain the freedom to set up customized payment schedules that match your project requirements, breaking free from rigid prepayment processes.

  • Define milestone terms, including completion percentages, due dates, and precise payment amounts, providing you with unparalleled control.

  • Say goodbye to cumbersome tasks like credit memos and manual tracking. Simplify deposit management and prepayment tracking.

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